BASSEIN is graphic & motion design studio in Tartu, Estonia. We are three designers, with long-term experience and distinctive styles. Our speciality is a cheerful design and pictorial idiom, which is different, moves people and makes their eyes sparkle – both mobile and immobile, on paper or on a screen, on a wall or bus shelter, between your fingers or in a cinema. 

Our current and former clients include: Estonian Traditional Music Center, Cinamon Cinema, University of Tartu, Foundation InnoveViljandimaa Development Centre, Tallinn Sports and Youth DepartmentSulemees publishing house, Frotee record companyEstonian Theatre Festival / Drama, Vaba Lava, Endla Theatre, Lõunakeskus Shopping Centre, Rescue Board, Vanemuine Theatre, Publicon and Invent Baltics consultancy firm.


Kaiko Lipsmäe
A technically astute 3D designer and king of animation with a playful streak.


Janno Preesalu
An illustrator and graphic designer with a free hand and open mind.


Lauri Järvlepp
A graphic designer, layout artist and typography fan with a clear eye and steady hand.

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Bassein OÜ   /   reg nr 12042848   /   Taara pst 18-4, 51005 Tartu, Estonia /   info@bassein.eu